Aiken Horsemanship Academy

Students at a Julie Robins Clinic

Photo Credit: Laurie Fix 2011

Which statement best describes you?

“I would like to have more confidence in with my horse and feel safe in the saddle.”

“I am into natural horsemanship but have reached a plateau and need inspiration.”

“I have a serious problem or situation with my horse I can’t solve on my own.”

Regardless of your discipline, success with horses is about communication, not control. At Aiken Horsemanship Academy, you learn the language of the horse so you can engage in a trusting, respectful dialog – both on the ground and on horseback.

AHA offers learning opportunities for adults that include courses, clinics, horse-keeping seminars, horse training, and lessons. Courses are taught in a series of three classes where you will learn skills, exercises, theory and applications.

Courses are taught by Julie Robins and Kendra DeKay, with assistance provided by Suzette Meyers. Whether you are new to horses or you have been a horse owner your entire life, there is always something to learn. At Aiken Horsemanship Academy, we meet you where you are and empower you to reach your learning goals quickly while having tons of fun!!

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Learning at Aiken Horsemanship Academy

Learning at Aiken Horsemanship Academy begins with CORE Courses. CORE stands for Creating Outstanding Relationships through Equestrianology.

What is Equestrianology: 
1. the art and science of partnership with horses;
 2. the study of horses, including their nature, instinctive behavior, social order, and how they learn.


CORE Courses are the foundational elements you need as you advance in your partnership with your horse and the prerequisites for all subsequent courses. Many students find it helpful to revisit these courses at various stages as they progress.

Enhancing the Relationship: You will learn the Six Elements of Communication, the Four Agreements, and the Keys to Connectivity, which is the foundation for lifelong excellence with horses.

Advancing Communication:  Using the Elements and Connectivity you have developed to ride your horse mindfully, you will learn to create physical, mental, and emotional fitness in your horse…and yourself.

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Applications Courses build on the skills learned from the CORE Courses. Once you have completed CORE, put your tools to work in “real life.”  Topics include:  Jumping, Trailing Riding, Dressage, Liberty, Young Horse Development and more.

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We don’t know what we don’t know.  If we knew better, we’d do better.

I teach others the way I wish someone would have taught me.  My teachers and mentors often threw me in the deep end and let me struggle, loaning me their confidence to help me along my learning journey.  Although I am ever so grateful, I often wish the path had not been quite so rough.

This is why I founded the Aiken Horsemanship Academy – a place where you can confidently and comfortably learn with your horse.